Eucléa Business School


The iTeam community is driven by a common goal: to create the best world through education, research and innovation. We are elite, but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with numbers and welcoming of talented people of all backgrounds. iTeam is a vision, a mission and a lifestyle.


iTeam University’s personalized education gives each student a unique opportunity to become an original thinker who meets the challenges of the world. We are here to make something: strategies, business models, lines of code, to bring them to life and deliver them to the world.
Our inclusive and empowering community encourages creative thinking and the expression of all perspectives.


Highly motivated and academically gifted, our students, iTeamers have been able to apply the efforts and ideas developed with our teachers in the best way to create our image of today, the image of a top engineering school, the image of the school of the engineering family. Yes, this is the ITeam concept!


iTeam University
85-87 Rue Palestine 1002 Tunis (TUNISIA)
Tel. : (216) 71 781 081 / 216) 22 022 444