BBA in Events Management

About BBA in Events Management

Event management, the most profound form of advertising and marketing, is a glamorous and thrilling profession. It provides an opportunity for unleashing one’s creative potential to a very high degree. An event is the result of many months of tireless brainstorming, creative concepts, and a lot of sweat and toil. It demands a lot of hard work and effort but at the same time offers enormous scope.


An event management expert is needed by the marketing department of virtually every organization. The expert is expected to deliver their best by using a mix of the traditional event and experiential marketing approaches, which will, in turn, help analyze if the event delivery was a success. If you are enthusiastic, social, flexible, well organized, and capable of multitasking, event planning is possibly one of the most exciting activities you can pursue! It is not only an interest-based activity but if you are motivated enough, it can also be a brilliant career choice that does not require much investment and offers a lot of independence and flexibility.


The most popular events that need expert intervention include conferences & exhibitions, corporate events & seminars, promotion & fundraising, music & art performance, sports, festival, trade shows, and product launches. These events require you to organize, plan, conceptualize and manage budgets, sponsorship negotiations, logistics and event venues, marketing campaigns, post-event communication, reporting, and analysis(analyzing the data helps measure whether the event goal was achieved). The BBA course in Event management will ensure that you are prepared to take on this challenging career.

Why choose BBA in Events Management?

No two days are ever the same – Variety is the spice of life for Event Managers. One day you may be planning a lavish beach-themed wedding, and the next day a Trade show. Event Managers can control how wide or how narrow they want to throw their professional net. Every event you plan will be different including the approach used for clients. You will always be reinventing the wheel. Event management allows pushing yourself in the dynamic world where you can get huge exposure and an opportunity to prove yourself and set benchmarks.


You can go freelance, join an agency or work in-house – As an Event Manager, you have the choice of starting your own business, working for an event planning agency, or seeking in-house employment at a company working on its yearly calendar of events. Each career path will offer exciting possibilities. You may even find yourself swapping between freelance, agency, and in-house work throughout your career!


You can take it anywhere – Event management is a career that you can take anywhere in the world. A lot of events happen at beautiful locations. For events like award ceremonies, destination weddings, or corporate conferences, the Event Managers always get to go to new places. If you love traveling and exploring new places, then as an Event Manager, fun and fulfilling adventures will always await you. New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore – the world is your oyster with event management!


It keeps you on your toes – A career in event management will engage all of your skills and will always keep you mentally stimulated! You will need great social skills for interacting with clients, venues, guests, and suppliers. You will also need a knack for organizing, a high level of attention to detail, and love of punctuality. As an Event Manager, you will also use your imagination to create unique and beautiful events.


The extensive scope of collaboration – For the ones who thrive on meeting new people and cultivating new relationships, the Event Management industry provides immense scope. Event Planners get to interact & deal with world-class photographers, musicians, artists, comedians, chefs, and many more, apart from a wide range of clientele, through collaborative events. You will get an opportunity to build contacts for life.


Growing industry – The events industry size was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 11.2%. As per global data research, the mean salary in Event management is $62,169 whereas the higher end of it for roles at Directorate level and the likes can go beyond $1,42,270.

Why do a Bachelor at Euclea?

Thanks to this Bachelor, you will acquire solid knowledge and you will emerge with a professional profile: you will understand all the business lines of the company. These bases will allow you to pursue studies and careers.


This 360 ° view will help you refine your appetites, which you can choose to deepen in the third year. Adapted to versatile profiles, the Bachelor in International Business opens the doors to sectors with strong professional opportunities.

Prerequisites : High School/Grade 12/A Levels OR Grade 10/O Levels with Foundation. In the case of a previous course other than the chosen specialty, the candidate’s file will be submitted for validation by the educational advisor. A different orientation may be proposed.

Program offered at our UAE Academic Center: Britts Imperial University College for Bachelors, Masters, Executive Masters.

Duration of training: 3 years

Initial or work-study training

Title recognized by the state

Euclea Business School diplomas are recognized by the French Ministry of Labor within the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) at levels 6 et 7.